Tuesday, April 28, 2015

May Pleasures!

Here's the best thing about LIFE. There are so many little pleasures to look forward to and enjoy. I mean it....every month of the year brings it's own set of gifts.

MAY is always a wonderful month, don't you think? It's about flowers, and spring...tulips, daffodills...what's not to love??
The FIRST garden crop, every year, is the asparagus.  WHAT A TREAT...
And, May is about getting that SUMMER PEDICURE.  Time to pack away the winter snow boots and get out the summer sandals!!
TIME TO CLEAN OUT MY CAR...to get ready for my FIRST BIG ROAD TRIP of the year!!
Can you guess where I'll be headed next week??
I'll give you a hint....Mary Mulari will be there.  AND so will the delicious snacks from Harry and David!!
There WILL BE some thrift store shopping along the way...
That's right -- SEWING WEEKEND in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin!!
This year, Mary and I will be doing our all-new Midwest Ya Ya Show on Friday night. AND we'll be substituting for Nancy Zieman on Thursday/Friday/Saturday. (more tomorrow)

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