Saturday, April 11, 2015

Estate Sale Sheets

Last Saturday, Bert and I went to TWO estate sales in the snobby Lakehurst development. These homes were mostly built 25 years ago, in a woodland, on a beautiful little lake. The particular house where the sale was being held had the distinction of being the first home in Scott County to sell for half a million dollars. Just a house, that is -- not a farm. Most of our farms are worth well over a million. (that's why our children cannot become farmers)
This Lakehurst home is a Google estate house was similar...only a huge ranch floor plan...
As we walked through the house, I found a few things I liked. There was a print that was interesting -- but TOO big. I have only one wall in my house, and I'm rotating paintings, I walked on, determined to be PICKY, REALLY PICKY about buying any more stuff into my house...

Yeah, right.

I went into the bedroom where the linens were stacked. All longer folded (this was the second day of the sale). The blankets were tumbled with the sheets, and the pillowcases were already gone. A ruffle caught my eye...could it be?? Really???

The only ruffled sheet I know of is Ralph Lauren.  He's been doing this for awhile, and they are VERY, $185 EACH.  That's right -- sheets sold separately...
I don't suppose you'd believe this is a picture of my own bed? lol...
I picked up the ruffled white flat sheet (queen size), and after some digging, found the fitted sheet to match. AND then I found a pink top sheet and the pink fitted sheet (also queen size). I also found a yellow top sheet (with white trim) and another plain white flat sheet.

Of course, at that point, I knew I was buying a big bag of stuff -- so I might as well go back and get the LARGE art print.

Walking out of the house, they had to give me one of those heavy duty, supersize garbage bags meant for LEAF disposal.  These sheets are HEAVY...(as good sheets always will be).

Wow.  The price?  $1.00 each.  (the truth is, it was Day Two of the sale, so everything was 25% off...)

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