Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Beaver Dam Sewing Weekend

For many months now, Mary and I have been working on our all-new-2015 Midwest Ya Ya Sister Show for the upcoming Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.
With the President of Nancy's Notions

Then, as you may have heard -- Nancy Zieman had emergency knee surgery, so Nancy's Notions asked us if we could substitute for her.  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, she was teaching her "Favorite 35 Sewing Tips" seminar. (to celebrate 35 years of Sewing Weekend). 
OF COURSE Nancy had three sold-out seminars!
Hey -- who wants to substitute for Nancy Zieman??   That woman has QUITE a good reputation, y'know??  Mary and I are worried that the attendees will be, everybody who was signed up for Nancy's seminar received this notice:

The Midwest Ya Ya Sisters, Mary Mulari and Rita Farro, are honored to be standing in for Nancy Zieman.

Nancy’s seminar was going to deliver “35 Sewing tried and true tips” -- so that’s what Mary and Rita are bringing to the show!! The Ya Ya Sisters are known for their sense of humor -- but these two are serious about their sewing and at this never-before-seen-anywhere seminar (WAY different from their Ya Ya show) they will each bring their lifetime FAVORITE tips.

Mary has tips about aprons and sweatshirt makeovers. Rita has advice on bed linens and plus size fitting.

Mary will share her favorite applique and zipper tips and Rita will do t-shirt maxi dresses.

So you won’t miss her too much -- Nancy is also sending some of her favorite sewing tips.


P.S. On Saturday, Rita is going solo -- so there will be a special t-shirt maxi-dress style show. (we can’t stop her.)
Anne -- GREAT LUNCH, babe.  I cannot wait to see the t-shirt maxi dresses you and Sarah come up with!!
AND -- if you are coming to Sewing Weekend next week, I want you to know I am sharing the BEST SEWING IDEA I'VE HAD IN TEN YEARS...!! No's so good, I cannot believe I didn't think of it sooner...


  1. I have to say: I was disappointed that Nancy wouldn't be able to make it to her seminars because I always learn something. But you and Mary as substitutes? Yes please! You guys are great. See you next week.

  2. Dear Karla,

    thank you very much. You are kind...and we are looking forward to seeing you SOON...