Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Lilly was delighted with her scavenger hunt -- moving right long.  As she followed the clues, she found an Easter gift for herself and Warren...(there might have been little pieces of chocolate long the way). ....Then, she found this word-game clue.  Because she cannot read yet -- I used pictures.  Fun, eh?

#4: You are doing great, Lilly -- Warren thinks you are the BEST…
But to find YOUR next Easter gift -- it will be a word game TEST…

The first letter of Grandma Rita’s friend's name?_____

The first letter of this:_____

The first letter of this color: _____

The letter for this is:_____

Look for that special word…(Moon)
in the room where you sleep….
Your Easter gifts will be hidden, but they are yours to keep….

(Place clue #5-- Twister Game for Lilly. Whale for Warren)

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