Monday, April 13, 2015


For Easter, we were invited to my niece's home. Nicole (mother of Memphis) was making the big dinner -- and I was delighted to be a guest.

Her husband, Bill, ramped up an Easter egg hunt for the little kids...and all I had to do was contribute some side dishes. YIPPEE KAYEE...
Lilly and Memphis did make a ZEBRA (thanks, Rhonda) bunny cake...but I didn't get  picture.
This is a family of sports fanatics. The kids enjoyed the basketball.
But, of course, the BIG EVENT was the Easter Egg Hunt.
The truth is, if Bill put three hard boiled yellow eggs in the grass -- that would have been enough.  Warren would pick up an egg, throw it at somebody, then pick up the same egg over and over again.
And -- OH MY -- the play value of a worn-out, rusty old riding lawnmower.  Priceless...
This is Lilly, in her Easter dress, with her Easter Bunny loot.
We started off Easter morning, at a 7:00 AM church service on the Mississippi River. Warren was baptized, and it couldn't have been a more beautiful morning.  The E team went home to find what the Easter Bunny brought to their house...

Then we had dinner and spent the afternoon with Nicole's family -- SO MUCH delicious food.   Ham, turkey, all the trimmings, Ronda's special Easter cream puffs for dessert.  YIKES. 

But, for me -- the special Easter thing has always been a treasure hunt.  I did it for Ross and Elliott LONG into their adulthood.  And I love doing it for Lilly and Warren....

This year -- it started off with this: (she can't read -- so the red letters are NOTES I wrote to me, FOR ME)

This card is Clue #1…(HAND LILLY THIS FIRST CLUE)
For the special Easter Treasure Hunt for Warren and Lilly….
Grandma made up some clues that are very silly…
The first gifts will be near the chair that is black…
Look underneath, inside the plastic sack…..
(Place Clue #2, PINK AND WHITE bunnies with candy)

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