Monday, April 27, 2015

Karma Police

On Tuesday night, when I got home from the hospital, I called the E team in Low Moor to say I would not be able to do my usual Warren Wednesday.

Two hours later, Elliott was walking into my house -- BRINGING FOOD. Yes, indeed, the world turned upside down...

I recounted the events of the day...Our conversation went something like this.

Elliott: Gheesh, Mom -- you actually called yourself a pain virgin?

Me: I thought it was funny...

E: Uh huh. And then here's what happened. At Karma Headquarters, an alarm went off.

Karma Sheriff: (he started to talk into his wrist, as though he was the Secret Service)...hey -- we've got a woman in Princeton Iowa who claims she is a pain virgin.

Karma Deputy: Seriously?? (rubbing hands together with delight) -- what will we do to her?

KS: Well, she lives a pretty sedentary life. But, of course, she drives everywhere -- so she could be in a car accident. She enjoys cooking -- how about a burn from the oven? Or -- we could just give her a very bad, painful case of Shingles. There are soooo many fun options.

KD: Hummm...seems to me we should deliver some humility along with the about a very public fall? At some kind of fancy place? With a lot of people around??


By the time he got done, I was rolling with laughter. Really.

But Elliott is right. I was asking for trouble. And, apparently -- in need of a lesson!!

Although, after he brought FOOD TO MY HOUSE  -- I was tempted to use this rare advantage against my people. Just a smidge...I mean, how wrong would it be to milk it just a bit?

My back could have been wrenched -- or maybe I could complain of a worrisome headache? Dizziness?


Now that I understand how this Karma thing works -- I'm not taking any more chances...

I am SUPER delighted to report that I have no ill effects from my embarrassing mishap...and I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON...

So, okay -- it was a VERY LONG BLOGGING BREAK.  I got sick...there was stuff to do...and sometimes, dog gone it, a person just gets too busy LIVING THEIR LIFE to blog about it!!

THANKS for all the emails and phone calls.  I'm glad you missed me...and I think I'm back...(although, this was an easy thing to get OUT OF THE HABIT of doing...)