Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Iowa Bachelor

First of all -- please don't write me an email asking why I watch so much crappy television. It's just the way I roll and I refuse to be judged..

The big IOWA BACHELOR Finale was Monday night, March 9. Ross and I were in front of the television promptly at 7:00. Chris Soules, a 33 year old farmer from Arlington, Iowa, was looking for a wife. The show started three months ago, when Chris met 25 gorgeous young women at a mansion...

He met all the women, and they "dated"....had conversations, did some group events (like a tractor race?), and every week, he had to send one girl home.

I'm telling you -- THIS IS WHY TELEVISION WAS INVENTED. lol...

The truth is -- until Ross moved home two years ago, I had never watched The Bachelor. It was one of the FEW shows I didn't follow...and now I look back and wonder what I missed??

Of course, this season was especially interesting because Chris was FROM IOWA. And I wanted to see how my fair State was depicted...

Chris was one of the contenders on the last run of the Bachelorette. When Andrea, the beautiful young lawyer from Georgia, was looking for her Prince Charming, she took Chris Soules all the way to the Final Four.  But, alas, once she visited his home in Arlington, Iowa, she decided she just couldn't live she picked another guy (they have since broken up).

Apparently, ABC obviously thought it would be interesting to see if ANY WOMAN IN AMERICA would choose to live in Iowa??

I thought Chris Soules was sincere in his mission to find a wife. He seemed like a genuine guy, and his priorities were lined up...he got rid of the empty headed party girls and drunks in the first three episodes...
Chris did an excellent job representing for Iowa Farmers. Trust me, girls -- they aren't all this good looking!!
There was a lot of drama along the way. One girl, Jade, seemed like a possibility -- but then she told Chris about her nude photos in Playboy -- and oh, that's right -- there were some porno videos on the internet. Would he like to see them??

Now -- think about it.  What's the right answer??

After weeks of drama -- it came down to two women. Whitney, who was from Kentucky, but now is a nurse living in Chicago. And Becca. The virgin who is a clerk from California.
Whitney, on the left -- and Becca on the right. What to do...what to do....??
Chris PICKED WHITNEY. Which was totally the right thing to do. BUT -- during the final episode, she kept going on and on about living in Iowa...but she kept MISPRONOUNCING it, oddly dropping the vowel...telling his parents... "I am ready to move to Iwa...I just love it here. I will be happy to live in Iwa...I LOVE IWA..."blah, blah, blah. It was like fingernails on a chalkboard. After a dozen times, Ross said, "We are rooting for you, Whitney, but if you actually move here, we must teach you how to pronounce it. Our State might only have four letters but WE USE EVERY ONE OF THEM." IOWA is pronounced....I-O-WA

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