Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bunny Cake

One of the jobs in my life that has brought me immeasurable joy is being somebody's Aunt. I cannot tell you how much pleasure my nieces and nephews have brought into my life. I couldn't begin to name the Aunt Rita events that we've enjoyed over the years...

But didn't matter to me if we were going to a concert, a juggling class or a paintball fight -- I enjoyed planning those playdates...and it doesn't seem possible that those adorable children are all grown up now -- having children of their own. THANK GOD, eh?

Because of them -- at this point in my life, I am enjoying the title of "Great Aunt".

Years ago, my sister Ronda's grandchildren came to my house when their Mom's went to work (Amy and Nicole). I used to say, "I like to have one kid at a time, one day a week." And it was awesome...Parker was the first and he's in high school now!

My sister Deena has been blessed with EIGHT grandchildren in eight years (one more on the way!) . Whoever is available comes to her house for family dinner on Wednesday night. And again on Sunday afternoon. (I know -- crazy -- right??)

But the beauty part for me is that on Wednesday nights, I take Warren there for a play date...AND then, on Sundays, I take Lillian so she can spend some time with her cousins. The little kids are the PERFECT audience for just about anything...they are SOOO easy to impress!!

On a recent Sunday afternoon, Lillian and I decided to experiment with a molded bunny pan. (in preparation for Easter).

The cake turned out great.  AND can you imagine a more excited group of players?
Clayton and Oliver have to take an early turn...they had another date that day...

I was concerned that any kind of frosting would be too stiff for the bunny ears. And, how do six little kids take turns frosting a cake?? TWO THINGS:

#1: The "frosting" was a box of instant vanilla pudding, one cup of milk and half a container of Cool Whip. It was light and airy, and even a small child can get it on that cake without much effort.

#2: The SYSTEM. I kept the frosting in a big bowl, and put half a cup into a small bowl, for each child, to take a "turn"...they were allowed to lick their own knife AND bowl after their turn (of course)...
 After the boys left, Myla took her turn very seriously...
Lillian and Madeline finished the cake off -- then added some green coconut for grass...
You can go to the grocery store and buy egg shaped, pastel colored marshmallows!! WHO KNEW??

Yep. I'm highly recommending it. The job, I mean....Being somebody's Great Aunt is a GREAT job....

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  1. I have several Great-Great nieces & nephews & grandkids (thanks to being married to a man 14 years older who was the baby of his family) I am making real cloth diaper liners for one of the GGNieces who is having my Great-Great-Great cool is that???