Thursday, March 12, 2015

Make A Wish T-Shirts

My week starts when Carrie comes on MONDAY. I tell people she has been cleaning my house since she was 14 years old. EVERYBODY here loves Carrie Day.
Warren loves when Carrie comes...
Carrie is such a GREAT MOM. And she makes the MOST EXTRAORDINARY Halloween costumes. Elizabeth and Dylan as a cupcake and a Coke machine
Last year, Dylan had cancer. He was 10 years old. It was horrific. Surgeries, chemo, trips to Iowa City. Carrie's Mom (my cousin Kim) would come to my house and try to BE CARRIE...but, even with the two of us working at our max -- the house NEVER looked as good as when Carrie cleaned it...

I painted a duffel bag for Dylan to us for his constant trips back and forth to the hospital...
THE REALLY, REALLY GOOD NEWS is that Dylan is cured. The whole family is doing great, and life is pretty much back to normal. (whatever that is, eh?)

AND -- the Make A Wish Foundation is sending Dylan's family to Hawaii so they can go whale watching!! Last Saturday, Carrie is running around like a chicken with her head cut off -- trying to get everything ready for their Sunday departure -- when she realizes the t-shirts for both Dylan and his dad, Steve -- DON'T FIT.

OH NO...

They're supposed to wear the t-shirts when they travel, so the Make A Wish people can easily find them, and get them where they're supposed to go...WHAT TO DO? WHO YOU GONNA CALL??


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