Saturday, March 14, 2015

Robert and Velma's wedding photo

.I have a penchant for old photographs. A couple of months ago, Bert and I were at an estate sale and while she perused the huge vintage toy collection, I spent some time sitting at the dining room table, looking at hundreds of very old black and white photographs.  Some were formal photographer studio photos -- and were very old, maybe from the turn of the century.  But it was  HUGE pile of pictures -- with hundreds of  casual snapshots from the 50's.
It always seems sad to me that these precious pictures got away from the family.
I always wonder about the story the picture is telling...
Who these people were, what they are doing...
This picture is from the German American Museum in Davenport
I love a picture with women wearing aprons..
On that particular Saturday, the photos were selling for $1 each. After an hour of looking, I picked out about ten photographs. Some were casual family shots -- there was one picture with the large family eating a big meal set up on a long table outside. I remember eating a meal like that in the side yard of Grandma Little's house.

Bert was still engrossed with the estate sale, so I went out to sit in the car to wait for her.  As I was looking at the assortment of photographs.  One of the pictures was a black and white formal wedding photo of a young couple.  The gro m looked very stern.  The bride's dress was short, with diamond shapes around the hem.  There was some faint pencil writing in the corner.  The words said, "Robert and Velma Tank, 1928." 

Here's where the Ritaluck comes into play.  Remember my friend and neighbor,  Lorna Sawyer?  Well -- her maiden name was Tank.  I picked up my phone, and called Lorna.   

I asked, "What were your Mom and Dad's first names?"

Lorna said, ""Robert and Velma."

When were they married??  Yep.  1928....

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  1. That is so amazing about finding Robert and Velma!!!

    Have you ever read the article about really old photos and how some of the people in them are actually dead? It's just too weird!