Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Smith Brother's Store

Clinton, Iowa is a beautiful little city situated right on the Mississippi River. I had a store there for years -- "Rita's Sew Fun".

Clinton has the best river levee system in the State of Iowa. Floating on the water -- they have a non-profit summer stock professional theater located inside a parked paddle wheel boat.

There are many wonderful things I could tell you about Clinton, Iowa. But I think the most unexpected thing in Clinton is Smith's Country Store...
A photo from the turn of the century
TODAY -- and you can forget about going to the website or checking out their Facebook
This door has been used every day since the 1896...
Inside, there is an eclectic mix of merchandise
Lots of unique kitchen supplies
Some old, mixed in with the new
Altho, maybe some things have just been sitting on the sturdy shelves for 50 years
Clinton is one of the places Bert and I have on our Saturday schedule. We probably get up there six or seven times a year...there is a wonderful antique mall, and a well-organized church thrift store.

On a recent Saturday -- we stopped in at Smith's General Store.  For over 70 years, it was run by two brothers who lived upstairs in the building.  There used to be groceries, and a standard mix of farmer supplies -- seeds, hardware, tools, etc.

Today's storekeeper is a great-nephew to the original brothers...and he has a very eclectic mix of household items.  Really...I just wish you could see this place...WHAT A HOOT...

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  1. Gosh, I often spend the day in Clinton while my husband has meetings at his company's manufacturing facility in De Witt. This is definitely on my list for next time! Thank you, Rita. (Just need to stick to a budget while in there!)