Monday, September 16, 2013

Project Runway DO-OVERS

Okay -- so I am no longer an avid, rabid fan of Project Runway. But I still tape it every week because it gives me something to watch on Friday night...WHEN THERE IS NOTHING ON TELEVISION.

Like many of you -- I have been critical this year of the goofy "challenges". The Yogurt thing was the worst -- and most of us didn't understand the glamping episode, either. But last week's challenge SHOULD HAVE made sense. Design something for the Belk customer -- the "modern southern woman". But from the beginning, it was clear none of the designers had a firm idea of where they were headed...

Belk is this year's sponsor of the "accessory wall". Sadly, Project Runway goes through accessory sponsors like Murphy Brown used to go through secretaries...can you even name them all? Banana Republic, Macy's, Bluefly, Piperlime?? Now Belk??

You've got to wonder if being the Accessory Sponsor of this show is not a good idea? I mean -- if it worked -- wouldn't Banana Republic still be doing it?

It was a shock to me that Alexandria wasn't in the bottom three (middle pic -- top row). Her plaid dress was a snooze fest -- with no style whatsoever and for the life of me, I cannot imagine WHO WOULD WEAR that frumpy horrible dress and to what occasion?? It was terrible and they should have called her out.
I also thought Helen completely missed the mark with her long yellow gown with the lace tablecloth on top. BUT OH MY GOD -- she is COMPLETELY FULL OF HERSELF after winning the last two challenges. Mark my word. They have created a monster and WAY OVERESTIMATED her design capabilities...
Heidi's GREAT IDEA was to send the bottom three designers back to the workroom for a do-over. Why??

Really. Why? The bottom three weren't any worse than any other week. Ken should have gone home for his first dress -- the long boring purple dress with no style. If it wasn't 100% polyester double knit -- it was wool. Either way -- THAT IS A MISS, KEN. Then --he should have gone home AGAIN for making his second try a short hoochie dress out of the same bullet-proof purple kevlar. Up to this point -- KEN HAS NOT MADE ONE THING that was beyond mediocre.

I did enjoy the Ken-Heidi stare-down. But if Heidi won that round -- WHY ISN'T HE GONE???