Monday, September 30, 2013

Adler Schedule

I should be working for the Iowa Chamber of Commerce because I am such a big fan. Really. WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN STUFF GOING ON HERE....And one of my favorite places to take nieces and nephews for "Aunt Rita Adventures" is the Adler Theater in downtown Davenport.
This is the outide -- it's right next to the Hotel Blackhawk.

The inside is gorgeous -- with the restored Art Deco interior.

The Fall Schedule of special events taking place at the Adler Theater is SIMPLY SPECTACULAR. I can hardly believe all the interesting things that will be happening here.  For our wedding anniversary -- I'd love to take John to this great acapella show.  My friend Linda saw them in person and they were moving, entertaining and wonderful.

October 18 -- Straight No Chaser

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I wonder which acts will be with the traveling show??
October 30 -- I wonder if Heidi Klum will be here?

This is completely thrilling to me. Stephen King -- one of the best writers in the world -- collaborated with John Mellencamp to write this musical. The limited run will be in a dozen US cities -- we are so lucky -- and I HOPE I CAN GO!! (I might be in Houston at Quilt Market)
AS YOU CAN WELL IMAGINE -- this is the ONE SHOW I won't want to miss. Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium!! If I NEVER believed in spirits or mediums or Ouiji boards -- she is the one who changed my mind. Seeing her in person could be one of those life-changing events. Who should I go with??
November 12. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THE LONG ISLAND MEDIUM is going to be in my town???

Memphis is just ONE of the Broadway musicals that will be at the Adler this year.

We'll also have the opportunity to see Mama Mia, the Addams Family, HAIR, American Idiot, Million Dollar Quartet.

AND they just announced that Buddy Valastro -- from the TLC show, The Cake Boss, will be here in November.

You could take a fall vacation to Davenport, Iowa. Stay at the sumptuous Hotel Blackhawk, and walk next door for all this great entertainment.
My friend Marion has often observed -- Iowa is the epi-center of cultural events and opportunities...
Check out the Adler Theater website...

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