Thursday, September 5, 2013

Girlfriend Road Trip

My friend Marion and I have been trying to get together all summer. But it just was NOT POSSIBLE.
Here's the conundrum. As we get older -- our lives are less busy....right? No more full time jobs -- so we have an extra 40 hours a week, don't you think? And with no children at home to feed or care for -- that frees up another 40 hours every week AT LEAST?? Not to mention the laundry we NO LONGER HAVE TO DO....So, theoretically -- we should have LOTS OF EXTRA TIME IN OUR LIVES. Isn't that the way you had it figured??

Well -- THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. But for the life of me, I don't know WHY. Every year, it gets HARDER to spend time with my friends -- NOT EASIER. Maybe it's that we don't have the energy we used to have. So it takes more time to do less stuff?? Is that it? I wonder..

Anyway -- even though we stay in touch and enjoy our frequent phone calls -- Marion and I are committed to an ANNUAL VISIT. Because there is nothing more renewing than actually sitting with a friend and talking about the things that matter to you the most. Last year -- we got together in upstate New York for a really great road trip. We've had some awesome road trips -- in Arizona, New York, Washington, Canada -- they are always the BEST time. WE talk -- we laugh -- we do an entire year of catching up in four or five days...

Obviously -- I AM A BIG FAN OF GIRLFRIEND ROAD TRIPS. If you have NEVER taken one -- YOU SHOULD START PLANNING NOW. The planning is half the fun, of course. You will see beautiful scenery -- probably eat some great food -- it's so much fun to visit places you've never been to. And trust me -- there are art museums in every town in America.

I am excited to announce where Marion and I will be going this year...maybe we'll be in a town near you?? Once we get the itinerary nailed down -- I'll be asking for restaurant advice!!

And, remember -- if you and your sewing sisters can get yourselves to Madison, Wisconsin THIS WEEKEND there is a wonderful quilt show -- and Nancy Zieman  will be looking for you!!  Click here for the Quilt Expo website...

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