Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's Time For Quilt Expo!!

HEY -- GOOD NEWS....This weekend is Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin!!

If you are in the mood for sewing/quilting inspiration -- you should HURRY UP AND MAKE YOUR PLANS to attend this fabulous show in beautiful, scenic Madison, Wisconsin!! There are vendors -- and classes -- hanging quilts -- competitions -- challenges -- exhibitions -- fabric stores -- the BEST OF THE BEST. Quilt Expo is the sewing/quilting/jewel/event of the Midwest....

The show opens Thursday, September 5 -- at 9:00 AM.  Daily tickets are only $9 at the door...
It's held at the Exhibit Hall at the Alliant Energy Center
Last year, I went with Rhonda Pierce from Schmetz Needles, and we enjoyed chatting with Nancy Zieman...
I think I bought this fabric -- now if I could only FIND IT..??
There are wonderful quilt vendors from all over the country...
And believe it or not -- the food at the Alliance Center is AWESOME
Last year, I met Angela -- who was a fabulous new speaker for Sew Expo in Puyallup. She knows everything you ever wanted to know about selling on Etsy!!
SO -- PLAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND WEEKEND. Check out the website for the Quilt Expo We are having beautiful weather here this week -- so it will be a nice drive to Madison. HAPPY QUILTING...!!

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