Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Auction Pictures

Yes, Laura -- this table and chairs would look great on your patio....But there's something I forgot to tell you...

It's a little toddler size set!! (Bert paid $90) And the brass rack is also a small size -- perfect for a towel rack for our small bahtroom. (I paid $5)

You really can't tell what size they are unless you have some persepctive. Like -- maybe -- put a giant size woman in the picture....

Bert buys the strangest things.... This is a little boy toy indian headdress that's probably from the 50's...she paid $5.00

When I bought this old sewing machine -- Bert said, "you buy the strangest things"...
I could hardly believe my luck! I opened the bidding with a $5 bid...

and, as it turned out, nobody bid against me...hummm...shocking, eh?

Darnit. I probably could've had it for $1.

Don't anybody tell Mary Mulari about this very special "Minnesota" sewing machine from 1912. It's going to be a special birthday surprise next year.

What can I turn it into??


  1. Do I see zebra stripes somewhere on that Minnesota machine?

  2. I take it that Mary doesn't read your blog :-)
    Laura in Puyallup