Thursday, April 26, 2012

Habits? Traditions? Or Lessons?

If you read this blog, you know Monday is my absolute favorite day of the week. Carrie comes on Monday. We clean the house. (By that, I mean Carrie cleans the house). I make my bed with fresh line-dried sheets...every Monday. And when I get into bed on Monday night, I take a deep whiff of my fresh pillowcases..and it is a moment of complete contentment.
I don't know why I enjoy it so much. And I'm pretty sure the other people in my family don't even know when they are sleeping on fresh line-dried sheets. I do it because it's something I care about and something I learned from my Mother...I do it because it matters to me. But I can't tell you exactly WHEN I started to do it or WHEN it started to matter.

Growing up -- laundry and making the bed were chores I hated. I didn't do it when we were first married, living in an apartment. And we didn't have a clothesline at the first three places we lived in...

We all do things that matter to us...and if you're really lucky, these things become gifts we give to the people we love...even though they may not realize it until years down the road.

During the summer -- I love eating on the porch. A big element of those summer meals is the Hummingbird Show. Because John has worked for many years to feed thousands of hummies who come here on their way to South America (or wherever...) -- they make even the simplest lunch a special occasion. But because the hummies have been there since the day Lillian was born -- she has no idea how special
 these little birds really are...

One day, she'll look back and realize what she took for granted...and maybe we all do that. We don't see the gift until many years later...and it comes back to us in our daily habits. Things we don't even think about. Ordinary things like embroidered bed linens -- or special things like cream puffs for do them because they matter to YOU...and you cannot worry about how they are received.

But you should know that one day -- they will be remembered and recognized as a special gift...

I think my Mom would be very pleased with my line-dried sheet fetish....


  1. no clothesline here, :( Plus it is raining again. I do a lot of things because my Mother did them for me. Like a Homemade Christmas gift something from the heart. Heading to the kitchen to make cream puffs now...You've mentioned them 2 times this week.

  2. I remember my Grandma hanging laundry to dry. Unfortunately, too many allergies in this household to hang laundry out to dry. The pollen would do us in :-P
    But, I do make my Grandma's chocolate-covered coconut balls every year at Christmas like she did :-)
    Love your peeps page today!
    Laura in Puyallup

  3. With over 150 inches of rain a year, it is very special when I can hang my sheets out to dry. Was so excited to do that last week for the first time in 2012.Very special