Friday, April 27, 2012

Mary Gets Around

This is a picture of me and Mary Mulari at the Cleveland Original Sewing & Quilt Expo last month. We were delighted when Gail and Pam came to our Ya Ya show...because we knew we could trick them into giving us a ride back to our
Since that trip -- I've been minding my own business here in Iowa.  But Mary has been to LOTS OF OTHER PLACES. And I was delighted to receive this picture from her smart phone to my smart phone. Recognize anybody??
That's Mary with Kaye Wood and her "other friend Mary" -- in Phoenix, Arizona.

Modeling the apron featured on Nancy Zieman's blog (click on the link for more info)
In Beaver Dam last year, checking out the GREAT Goody Bags!!

Last week, she was in Madison, Wisconsin to tape some new episodes for "Sewing With Nancy" -- this weekend she's off to Richmond, Virginia...(I think).  If you want to go to one of Mary's workshops -- or see where she is "appearing" -- you'll have to do what Doug (her husband)...and I do...


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