Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lexi's Horse Curtains

Here's a picture of my sister Deborah, with her daughter-in-law, Stacy, and her granddaughter, Lexi...(Stacy has a new purse dilemma)...

Here's a better picture of Lexi -- who loves horses...

So, of course -- Deb embroidered some appropriate valances for Lexi's room...

Deb is telling me how she did it (THAT GIRL WILL EMBROIDER ANYTHING SHE CAN GET IN A HOOP!!)

GREAT JOB, DEB!! YOUR ROCK...I love that she found fabric that looked like wood!!

In the spare bedroom, Stacy hung a quilt to create this very artistic headboard. Isn't this a great idea??

Several years ago, Mitchell & Stacy moved a big old two-story farm house down the road (it was even on television). They've been working on it every day since then -- and I took lots of pictures of various rooms for my future blogs. Stacy is a very creative decorator.

GREAT JOB and -- BEAUTIFUL house, Stacy!!

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