Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seven Days A Week

One of my passions is collecting vintage linens. Last year, on a Saturday treasure hunt -- I found this set of "Seven Days A Week" dishtowels. The hand-embroidery is the best I've ever seen. The little skirts are delicate applique -- and each towel depicts a girl with tube curls -- beautifully embroidered.

Although it was clear to me these towels had NEVER ONCE BEEN USED...but, rather, stored in a hope chest or maybe a linen closet for the last 50 years...waiting for some 'special occasion"...

The storage had not been kind. The towels had yellowed -- there were a lot of splotchy brown stains...and the fold stains looked permanent... I LOVE A LAUNDRY CHALLENGE...in this picture, I'm trying to show Before (in the middle) and After (the white towels on top)...

I started off with an overnight soak in warm water. The next day, I soaked them overnight in Oxy-Clean. Then, I washed them in a regular cycle and HUNG THEM OUTSIDE ON A SUNNY DAY. That makes all the difference.

I don't think the DIFFERENCE is so apparent in this picture -- but it was HUGE.

These towels make me smile. They have been moved to a place of honor -- IN MY TOWEL DRAWER..in my kitchen...to be used and admired any time I need a towel.

But, then again -- I could MAKE A QUILT with them. Look for a future post about a quilt we saw at the local Quilt show...using THIS EXACT PATTERN.

What are the chances??


  1. I'm going to try this with a few vintage tea towels I've acquired. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Good luck! These towels turned out PURE WHITE. You can always cut them up and make a quilt! Wait until you see the pictures of these towels in a quilt, Junebug!!