Thursday, May 27, 2010


Okay -- in the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE -- I have been traveling almost since Expo happened. Spring 2010 has been CRAZY. You've seen some of it -- my trips to visit Lillian in Wisconsin, going to New York City with Ann & Ryliss, Ya Yain' in Beaver Dam...then, there was a big trip back to Puyallup for the 2011 Planning meeting -- and, most recently, the 2010 Spring International Quilt Market in Minneapolis. (after that show, I took a little road trip to visit my son Ross in Baxter, Minnesota and then over to see Mary and have lunch with her and her fiance, Doug)...WHEW...

So -- HOW DO THESE DAILY POSTS HAPPEN?? First of all, I'm a genius, (hey -- a girl can never hear that too much!). Secondly, Blogger makes it easy...sort of...

I write posts whenever I have a little inspiration -- and I set them up to post automatically. ISN'T THAT FUN??

But -- although it may look like I'm home -- I'm really not here. So, when my youngest Expo fan sent me a package -- I didn't even know it. Believe me -- "getting the mail" ain't the daily activity it used to be. We live in the country -- and have to DRIVE to our mailbox. My daughter-in-law, Emily, refers to "getting the mail" as a semi-annual

Here's a picture of me and Clare...the GIFT-GIVER -- with her Mom, Jolene...

My two favorite blogging buddies, Bonne & Jan, have enlisted Clare to bring a young eye to their Expo-Challenge-Sewing next year. I can't wait to see what they've cooked up with her.

In the meantime -- I am DELIGHTED with my new zebra-striped yarn scarf!! THANK YOU, CLARE!! You are too good to be true...

Because the picture they've been using in the Expo newsletter makes me look like Jabba the Hut -- I'd like to have a NEW HEAD SHOT -- and my plan is to use my new black & white scarf to cover up my double chin!!

As soon as I manage to get A NEW PICTURE OF ME, wearing my NEW ZEBRA SCARF -- I'll post it on the blog!!

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, Jolene and Clare!! We'll see you at the show next year -- and, again -- please accept my apologies for the DELAYED thank-you!! (clearly, I don't receive many gifts in the mail, eh?)

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