Saturday, May 22, 2010

25th Anniversary of Nancy's Sewing Weekend

On our very first night in town -- a woman GAVE MARY THIS PONCHO. Made out of the disposable plastic shopping bags from "Nancy's Sewing Weekend"'s Mary's 90-minute poncho pattern -- with her NAME embroidered on the front kidding..

Nancy's Notions turns their busy warehouse into a RETAIL STORE -- for this fabulous once-a-year-event -- I took this picture from our vantage point -- early in the morning -- on the main "stage" --

Some of the very competent STAFF...having a good time with the rest of us...

Some early birds at our "Shop & Dine with the Ya Ya Sisters" event...

At the Ponderosa portion of our day -- we SPOTTED MISTY -- THE WOMAN WHO MADE THE PONCHO FOR MARY...

You sewing ladies are just TOO MUCH FUN...thanks again for playing our sewing game.
We had a GREAT TIME...and it was a delight to be asked to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nancy's Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin...


  1. Hey Rita - Nancy's Sewing Weekend is the best! I travel from VA every year and the speakers, staff and town of Beaver Dam really make us "crazed sewing women" feel special. See you next year!


  2. THANKS, Meredith! We had an absolute BALL...I am always completely energized by a ROOM FULL OF SEWING WOMEN. You are the BEST...thanks for coming all the way from Virginia!