Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mason's Diaper Bag

Remember my niece Kelcy? She had her baby, Mason, the day after Thanksgiving. She decorated the nursery with a jungle theme...

We had a shower for her -- and I decided to personalize a boring black diaper bag for baby Mason. I started off with a nice JEEP diaper bag, with lots of outside pockets...it even has a separate little detachable cellphone case...

The first step is to put "Mod-Podge" on the areas where I'm going to paint or glue fabric... you can see in the picture above that I podged the upper flaps of the front pockets....
The other essential product is PEEL 'N STICK. I LOVE THIS STUFF. It is basically a sheet of very, very strong glue encased between two pieces of shiny release paper.

* I made a "pattern" out of paper -- of the front pocket flaps, and the side pockets.
* Remove one of the protective pieces of paper and put the Peel 'n Stick on the back of the FABRIC.
* Cut out the pattern from the fabric (which now has Peel 'n Stick AND the last piece of release paper.
* Remove the release paper and carefully place the fabric exactly where you want it.

THEN, as a final step -- put two more coats of Mod Podge on top of the fabric and/or paint (sometimes I combine fabric or embroidered designs with paint borders). FUN, EH??

Inside the bag were a couple of adorable stuffed giraffes, and to top it off, I made a few of Ann Sagawa's luggage tags out of the jungle fabric.

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