Saturday, January 30, 2010

Magic "I'm Not 80" Pants

I often write about my cousin Linda...and awhile back, I posted a picture of Linda's recycled denim PURSE. Well, her Mom -- my Aunt Adda -- was inspired to make her own pair of recycled blue jeans...Doesn't she look fabulous??

Of course, I had to take her picture (for this blog) -- and she walked around the corner, with a big smile on her face, and said, "When I wear these jeans, I'm not 80". No kidding. She looks AWESOME, don't you think?

Here's a close-up shot of the embroidery she cut off a child's pair of jeans to sew onto her own jeans...

But -- my FAVORITE DETAIL....are you ready?? HERE IT IS...

I think the placement of that star tells the whole story!

THANKS, Aunt Adda, for playing my recycled jeans game!!

NOW -- GET BUSY PEOPLE -- Friday, February 26 -- is the BIG DAY AT EXPO. Wear your recycled blue jeans and -- maybe you'll EVEN WIN A PRIZE!!

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