Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trains, Showers & Mirrors

At the Deere-Weiman House, they have a display of Charles Deere's "train set". It is very elaborate. And a good example of how people can have TOO MUCH MONEY. He bought this expensive Lionel train set as an adult...and apparently, played with it when he was staying in his Moline mansion (they had many other homes in the world -- Santa Barbara, Washington D.C., New York City).

The Deere mansion was built in the 1870's, and had five bathrooms, steam heat -- and THIS MAGNIFICENT MARBLE SHOWER...with 13 shower heads...

That was back in the day when people -- rich people, anyway -- believed a shower was good for your "health"...although it didn't get you clean, it was a healthful thing to do. This one has sprayers coming from all directions...a kidney spray, an liver spray, etc.

This is one of my "mirror shots".

Wait -- ONE MORE TIME -- just in case you can't tell it's me, taking a picture into a mirror...

I wonder if I could make a living doing this??

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