Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Club

Here's one of my favorite pictures from Mary's visit. I MIGHT ACTUALLY PRINT THIS ONE OUT. (and that NEVER happens!) On our busiest day of thrift-store-shopping, we took a lunch break with my book clubbers -- some of my favorite women in the world. Linda K., Linda P., me, Sandy S. and Mary M. We sometimes get together just to visit and eat lunch...we recently did our "holiday download" lunch. But, most of the time -- WE DO READ A BOOK, people!! We're putting together our 2010 list -- if you have any suggestions -- SEND THEM TO ME...

Around the table, this is Linda K., Linda P., me, Sandy and Mary...

Although, it's a tough job to recommend movies for OTHER people -- because you don't know about their own personal "taste level". This reminds me of a day, when the boys were here for the holidays, I went to the video store, and wandered around aimlessly, not knowing what to rent...finally, I asked the clerk, "what was your favorite movie last year?" She said, "Twilight". Without hesitating for even a minute, I said, "is there anybody else working here?"

So -- to give you an idea of our taste in books -- we all enjoyed the Kite Runner and the Secret Life of Bees...and we loved Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, Water for Elephants and the Glass Castle. So, based on that -- PLEASE SEND ME YOUR BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS...

And -- oh -- here's another Christmas picture of me and Lillian..
....if I could put a word balloon over her head, it would say, "Are you kidding me? Seriously? I've worn four dresses in two days!! GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF, GRANDMA! HOW MANY CHRISTMAS OUTFITS ARE THERE?"

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