Monday, January 25, 2010

2009-2010 Ice Storms

Yep. Another ice storm. This time, we filled TWO bathtubs with water (for flushing) and have 10 gallons of drinking water in our, of course, our power did NOT go out.

But thousands of people around us were not so lucky. There are power lines down, there are crews all over Eastern Iowa, trying to restore electricity.

Here's a picture of the bush just outside our basement is soo beautiful. And so deadly.My plan is to NOT leave the house until the ice melts. Not a problem...there's plenty of work to do.

For one thing, I'm starting to lay out my Pink & Red Outfit for the show...WHAT ABOUT YOU??


  1. Oh MY, Rita! I've never seen ice like that!!! Hope you're able to hunker down and enjoy riding it out. Saying a prayer for sunshine!=)

  2. By the time you get here, Shaundra -- it'll be 100 degrees in the shade!