Friday, January 15, 2010

Jungle-Safari Dress Up Game

I promised you a picture of the Jungle Dress Up Activity (not exactly a GAME) -- we had for Kelcy's baby shower. Here's a nice group shot....some were shocked that I had enough Safari/zebra/leopard/fur to accessorize nearly 30 women!! (Nobody who knows me was the least bit surprised..)

It was a perfect occassion for Lillian to wear her new faux-fur vest from my recent trip to New York City. Lexi was there, too!

The day was really ALL ABOUT THE BABIES...Cash is no baby (3 1/2 now)...Mason and Clayton in the middle...Lillian holding up her end of cute....all of them nestled into safari EVERYTHING..

Oh, yes -- we DO KNOW HOW LUCKY WE ARE. Beautiful healthy babies, good friends, delicious food...everybody playing the Safari game....oh, yeah.


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