Sunday, January 10, 2010

Expo Pink & Red Style Show

This is one of my FAVORITE PICTURES from last year's show. On Sunday morning, right before the GO RED Style show -- Judy & Chris -- the official stalkers of the Midwest Ya Ya Sisters...gave me yet another gift -- the red heart shaped sunglasses. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? WHERE DO THEY FIND THIS STUFF?
(I've already heard from them this year -- yes, they DO HAVE tickets for our brand new Friday Night LIVE presentation -- and I'll be posting more information in the coming weeks. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU, CHRIS AND JUDY.. )

This is a picture of Mary wearing her special RED GARMENT -- which, of course, she created out of a red sweatshirt. If you look closely, you might see her skirt's four gores are made out of sweatshirt sleeves.

This is a picture of me being the MC for the event. My outfit was out of recycled t-shirts...and I have often worn that shirt which says, "It's only funny until somebody gets hurt, and then it's freaking hilarious".

Anyway -- I've enjoyed reminiscing about last year -- but the big news is THIS YEAR -- WE WANT YOU!! I posted the "criteria" on the official show blog. Coats & Clark is the sponsor of the event this year and they want it to be interactive -- which means YOU CAN BE IN THE SHOW. Last year, the audience was a sea of red garments, you wore red to support this good cause. This year, we are working for two charities -- the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. So it's a PINK AND RED Fashion show -- and YOU CAN BE IN IT...

Go to the official Sewing & Stitchery blog to read the criteria....we want YOU TO JOIN THE STARS this year!

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