Monday, August 7, 2017


My name is Rita Farro and I am addicted to thrifting.

It would be very difficult for me to actually make you understand HOW MUCH CRAP I BUY at thrift stores. My life is a constant Merry-Go-Round of trying to take OUT as much as I BRING IN...

For starters -- ALMOST EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE IN MY HOUSE was purchased second hand.

Well...I guess the easiest way for me to convey the true depth of my addiction is to take you on a little photo tour of my house...

I once had a Lazy boy reupholstered...even though, by the time I'm bringing them INTO my house, they are already 30 years old...
Did you know the BACKS of  Lazy Boys are interchangeable?
THIS is the chair I sit in...whenever I am writing this blog...

I used to collect little wooden totem poles...The tiny one came from the antique mall in Tacoma...I was with Joanne...
I buy puzzles all the time.  Can you see the price was 25 cents?
Mary and I were junking one day, and I found THIS GREAT CLOCK!
Who could resist a plaster Mae West?
The art on my walls is funky and original.  This piece cost $3.  I was with my young friend Anne.
I bought the View-Master face at an art gallery in Olympia.  Remember, Pat?  The wire sculpture was a gift from a woman in Pennsylvania (it's supposed to be me)...
This GREAT coffee carafe was only $3!!  (it still had a paper sticker on the bottom)...
The puzzle table was $3 at an estate sale.  The beige swivel rocker was $40 at Bargain Bonanza.
We ALWAYS have a puzzle going.
We are constantly rotating puzzles...
Remember this classic toy?  Warren loves it -- (Anne and I found it in Iowa City).
The pole lamp works perfectly...and I think it's a work of art.
You just cannot have too many board games!!
String art, wire walls are FULL OF ORIGINAL ART.

Are you starting to understand the depth of my addiction?

If I walk to the kitchen, I see my fabulous Coaching Scenes china, cobalt blue glasses, silverplate, pots and pans, the food processor (I have 3 of them in the basement, just in case) Bunn coffee maker, napkins, tea towels, toast holders...yikes...

Because I so frequently "do the rounds" of thrift stores, I've learned how to get the REALLY BIG BARGAINS.  Like, every Tuesday, the Goodwill stores have one color tag for 88 cents.  Then, on Wednesday, it's TWO for 88 cents.

Another example -- I bought a VIP card from the Salvation Army, so every Monday I get four articles of clothing for $1.00.

Well -- you can certainly understand why, sometimes -- it feels like I am BURIED UNDER A MOUNTAIN OF TREASURE!!

I didn't take a picture of the big basket of SWIM SUITS that sits at the end of my hall. Since I started going to the Y every day -- I have bought myself about 20 suits...Lilly has that many, too. And, of course, I can't leave Warren out...

Here's my solemn vow...every Monday, I will REMOVE AND HAUL AWAY as much crap as I brought in the week prior...
MMWI:  236.4


  1. Good luck! We are going to have to down size and cull things while my I'm ok with it but my husband is really struggling. My Mom always said with everything you bring in something has to be taken out, never happened but we still keep trying lol.

  2. Keep on thriftin'!!!
    From: Nancy,whose closet is 90% Ritawear!