Saturday, August 12, 2017


Because I am quite sure YOU JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF AN ADORABLE EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL SINGING HAMILTON -- I'm posting yet another video.

This was Lilly, singing in the talent show at the Mississippi Valley Fair last week. It was actually a "Kid's Karaoke" contest.  Lilly was the only one who sang acapella.

She lost out to a 13 year old boy who did an amazing Bruno Mars song.

And the best thing?

She was fine with it.  She didn't whine or cry or make excuses.  Little Bruno Mars was terrific.  Mostly, I love that Lilly will sing Hamilton for anybody, anytime...and she is still enjoying it.  She doesn't have one bit of nerves or stage fright...And I also love that she doesn't take it too seriously...

But you can relax. Lilly goes back to school next week -- so that will be the end of the singing. Right??

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