Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Schuyler Sisters Take a Train Ride

You didn't really think I could go a whole week without talking about Hamilton, did you??

Last week, the kids spent the night on Wednesday night so we could get an early start on our DAY TRIP to North Freedom, Wisconsin.

I'm a big believer in letting children pick out their own clothes whenever possible. Of course, part of my job is PROVIDING THEM WITH multiple and various good

At this moment in time, that means there is a new "Hamilton" shirt showing up in Lilly's room every week or so...

Lilly was delighted to find this new shirt, all stacked and folded on her shelf...
She ended up wearing it on our Train Day Trip.

I sent for this shirt before our Outing Club luncheon about the Schuyler Sisters...but it didn't come in time. No worries... There will be MANY OPPORTUNITIES for Lilly to wear this shirt!!
At the beginning of this little video, Lilly asks me if I can "edit"...because she knows so many of the Hamilton songs now, she has to think for a minute before she starts singing a particular song.

I assured her that I could, indeed, "edit". But we all know I was lying....


  1. Yay for Lilly! Really liked her Schuyler Sister tee, too!

  2. Go Lily!!! You should hear Jim do the

    1. Laura -- If we come to Seattle next year for Lilly's birthday trip -- Jim and Lilly can get together for a Hamilton sing-off!!