Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grandma Camp Cooking

We live in a house where cooking actually happens. Granted -- it's nothing like the old days. When my boys were small, I cooked an actual meal every single day. John worked second shift, so we ate at 1:00. He laid down to take a short nap, then left for work at 2:30. The leftovers from that lunch were generally what I packed for him to take to work in his lunch-cooler.

I don't do THAT anymore.

Nowadays, putting a real meal together an on the table is a rare occurrence. Maybe once a week I'll roast a chicken or grill some pork chops.

John and I are often on very different eating schedules. He might eat lunch at the golf course, or I'll be in town with the girls. We sometimes go to a local joint for a hamburger. Some days, we're just not hungry at the same we'll eat a bowl of cereal for supper. And we're both fine with that.

But when the kids are here, I always try to cook SOMETHING.  Lilly sets the table and we eat together, using our manners, and TALKING. The meal can be very basic...but they both LOVE helping me cook.
We put on our aprons -- even if we're just making instant jello (we did freeze it, so that's almost like cooking, right?)
On this day, we made jello pudding pops...
Sprinkles are a part of almost everything we make. Tube biscuit dough, for example...
We put the sprinkles into the cup, THEN the jello pudding before we put it in the freezer.
That experiment didn't turn out particularly well. But we soldier on...

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