Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 4th/Grandma Camp

Every family has their traditions. In America, July 4th is about cookouts and Fireworks. A few years ago, I decided the Farro Family tradition should also be about JELLO CAKE!
It's a white cake mix...poked with holes...with red and blue jello poured over it while hot...
My brother, Cal, and his wife Jeanne joined us on the porch for John's bbq'd pork chops
Warren wanted to sit next to Uncle Cal
The "Grandma Camp" activity was all about the Jello Cake. I had it all ramped up...
Elliott took the kids down to our blueberry bush
And helped them pick the blueberries
The BEST frosting for a child to manage is simply a container of Cool Whip. And that will be perfect for this cake...
Warren added all the blueberries, and Lilly lined up the raspberries for the stripes.
Uncle Ross cut the cake...the kids were SO PROUD!!
The Jello was all set up, the cake was was the PERFECT Grandma Camp/Dessert/July 4th Activity!!

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