Thursday, July 13, 2017

Grandma Camp Cooking Gadgets

When it comes to Grandma Camp Cooking, it's rarely about doing things from SCRATCH.

It's more about the DOING. Kids like using their little rolling pins...but we start with the refrigerated pie crust.

Warren loves to pinch off pieces of tube biscuit dough to make cinnamon sugar monkey bread.

Well -- you get the idea.  But sometimes, Grandma Camp cooking is about finding JUST THE RIGHT GADGET...
For example -- have you ever heard of HARD BOILED EGG MOLDS??
Me, neither.  But here's the deal.  You make your hard boiled eggs, and peel them...then, when they're still warm, stick them in this mold and refrigerate for several hours.
This bunny face was the bomb!!
The kids were beyond thrilled!!
There was a teddy bear, and a heart shape!!
I cannot believe you didn't tell me about these, Pat Leslie!! YOU SURELY HAVE A COLLECTION OF HARD BOILED EGG MOLDS..!!
Both Lilly and Warren love eating hard boiled eggs -- so the molds were a big hit. It's nice to have something to cook that actually is a healthy snack. Hummm...maybe next week, we'll make some Kale Chips...


  1. Don't know how to add photo. Six critters-EBay $3.27. Oh, wait! You probably got them for 75 cents thrifting!

    1. I DID get mine at a thrift store...but now I'm going to Ebay...I'll let you know how much the shipping is!!

    2. Well who knew these even existed, and work so well!! Darling, and a great way to involve the kids, and get them to snacking healthy. Thanks Rita!

  2. On Amazon $5 something with free shipping!