Saturday, July 29, 2017

Princeton Days

One of the recurring themes of this blog is HOW LUCKY I AM TO BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW (no -- wait -- that's another Hamilton Lyric)...

I often write about how much there is to see and do in my area -- and YOURS, TOO, I'M SURE. You've just got to look around and be open to it...

Also, trust me -- many worthwhile organizations are looking for YOU -- they are always in need of volunteers.

Just about every weekend during the summer, some small town is hosting their "festival". We have Low Moor Days, Eldridge has a Strawberry Festival, McCausland has their Labor Day Car Show, and Princeton Days happens the last week in June.

Even though we'd had torrential rain the night before -- the little parade went off without a hitch.
This is not my bank...and I'd have to actually study this float for it to make any sense...there is a panda, right?
The pink firetruck, to bring awareness to breast cancer, is a feature at every local parade during the summer.
Five or six neighboring towns send their fire trucks...
THIS float I understood.  It's the haunted maize, just north of town. 
Kids carnival games were set up at the community center.
Lilly and Warren had a great time!!
I'm going to have to take him bowling now...
I ran into lots of people I beautiful niece Amy (on the right)
WHO CAN RESIST a bouncy house!!  Right in front of the library, too.  Genius...
There were bands playing throughout the weekend -- and a wonderful show, right on the Mississippi River, from the Backwater Gamblers!!
But the BIG FUN is always the mountain of sand.  Where the kids dig for buried treasure.  These two spent about an hour working on this pile...and I think they'd still be there if I could've tolerated it...
BUT WE HAD MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO...Did I tell you there was a talent show??

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  1. Impatiently waiting for the next installment!!!! Cuz, I just know she ain't gonna waste her shot!