Monday, July 10, 2017

Mid-Continent Train Ride

I'm just about over it....the train ride, that is. If you have a child who loves trains...or the movie Polar Express...or maybe he has a Thomas Train fixation....YOU MUST TAKE THEM TO NORTH FREEDOM, WISCONSIN. The Mid Continent Railway Museum

I am not kidding.

This day in North Freedom, with these two little kids riding on a real train -- has to rank as one of the top five days of my life. (this from a woman who saw Hamilton in Chicago two weeks ago.)

I did have the presence of mind to remember my crummy little camera TAKES VIDEOS...and that's the only way you will get a feel for what this day was. OH MY GOD...

MMWI: 239.4 YIPPEE KAYEE...It's been years since I've seen 230-anything.

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