Friday, June 2, 2017

Outing Club Luncheon

Scott Community College always has a schedule of "Lunch and Learn" sessions going on. Several weeks ago, the topic was "U.S. Presidents, Past and Present." That sounded like something we would enjoy!
It was a beautiful spring day -- and Sandy and Linda P. met me at the gorgeous, old-school Outing Club.
The lunch was fantastic! Meatloaf (who makes that anymore!!) and sweet potato fries.
The Ballroom was set up with round tables. We sat with some other people.
Our presenter was young Professor Hilton -- who teaches history.
Of course, he couldn't cover all the Presidents in just an he focused on two of them. Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt.  His presentation style was lively and we all learned a lot we did not know.  The hour FLEW by.  It was interesting to learn that, in Andrew Jackson's time, duels were the way men of honor settled things.  Andrew Jackson was in many duels -- and the historians aren't even sure what the number is.  It's somewhere between 5 and 150. 
Professor Hilton with Gail Roder, who sets up these programs for the college.
After the event, we told Gail how much we enjoyed the program -- and suggested she bring back the handsome young professor every month -- he could do two presidents each time. WE WOULD CHEERFULLY ATTEND!!

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