Monday, June 19, 2017


I cannot tell you how absorbed I am with ALL things Hamilton!! Lilly has become obsessed with the lyrics to this wonderful Broadway play -- and she can sing about 8 of the songs from beginning to end. As a matter of fact, she was the entertainment at the end of the day for my Iron Range Luncheon. You can see a little snippit of her performance on my Facebook page:

This week, I am GOING TO CHICAGO TO SEE HAMILTON. Wednesday morning, I'll drive to Chicago with Linda P. and her daughter Kim (from Texas).

As RITALUCK WOULD HAVE IT -- the June program for the Scott Community College Lunch and Learn was, "The Hamilton Women". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? TMBC (the four of us) had purchased our tickets before Lilly even heard the music. And, of course -- the event was SOLD OUT.

But I decided to take Lilly with me anyway. I figured there would be a few no-shows, and I'd be able to buy her a ticket at the door. OR -- worse case scenario -- I'd give her my ticket...and she could enjoy the program with her three honorary grandmothers...
Before lunch was delivered, Lilly played with banagram letters...
Sandy took this picture of me, with Lilly and the two Lindas...
The actress played the parts of Eliza (Hamilton's wife), and her sisters Angelica and Peggy...
She shared a lot of stories about their lives
She put on this hat to become Angelica -- and a shawl to become Peggy. It was very effective.
I forgot to take a picture BEFORE I started eating.  Lunch was creamed chicken over biscuits, with a side of succotash.
Lilly was the only child in the room. AND SHE LOVED IT..!!
MMWI:  243.6....  Sandwich loaf, vacation, plateaus...who knows?  (yes, it's almost a poem).  But I am not discouraged.  I went to the pool almost every day last week, I'm feeling terrific, and my ass is not as big as it once was. 

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