Monday, June 12, 2017

Iron Range Dessert and Sew and Tell

P.S.  I left my computer cord in Pennsylvania, so my blogging has been off.  Not to worry, tho -- it's in the mail!!  Right now, I'm borrowing Ross's computer -- and I did have a few "draft blogs" already in the chute.

But I wanted to tell you that I did come home and weigh in on Monday.  The MMWI:  244.5.



It was time to move on to the dessert portion of our lunch.  Nancy had sent a wonderful Potitca. If you live in the Iron Range, Potitca is a part of your life. This rolled, strudel type cake that is eaten at EVERY special occasion. The secret is to get the dough so thin, you can read a newspaper through it.

No kidding...
All I had to do was THAW the Potitca. Then, I sliced it...and served it with some fresh coffee. YUMMO
LP also brought some blue frosted cupcakes for the baby shower portion of our celebration!
Sharalan kicked off the Sew and Tell.
Since she bought her Featherweight, she has been quilting like CRAZY.
THIS special day was going to be the giant REVEAL of our first Splendid Sampler Quilt!!

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