Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Grandma Camp Rehearsal

It was Mother's Day weekend -- and there was a lot going on. To start the day, the Princeton library was having a kids' crafting activity.
Dawn always has a gasket full of tricks for the kids to work with. Lilly made a beautiful card for her Mom, and also one for me...Warren played with the Tonka toys...
Later on, we ended up at the Figge Art Museum. It was their annual Beaux Arts Street Fair...
The kids' activity was all about spinning some paint on a piece of construction paper.
They watched the child in front of them.
That's the spinning wheel. The kids dribbled in different colored paint.
When she takes his hand, Warren would follow his sister to the end of the earth...
They were DELIGHTED with their finished projects.
HEY -- I DID the MMWI...but I didn't get a chance to post it until Monday night.  Technically, I'm on VACATION...

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