Friday, June 9, 2017

Iron Range Lunch -- Let's EAT!!

When Mary came to visit this winter, she brought a loaf of Cardamon bread. We didn't get a chance to eat it during her visit, so I wrapped it and froze it. THIS loaf of bread was my inspiration to have the Iron Range luncheon. Because after I went to visit Mary for the Aurora Featherweight Workshop -- her friend Nancy started to send me ALL THIS FOOD...

Anyway, after the Grandbaby Shower portion of the event -- we moved over to the dining side of the porch.  And the first course was the Cardamon Bread, porketta and Lefse.
I wrapped the bread in foil and heated it for about 20 minutes.  It was PERFECT. We ate the whole loaf.
I've gotta say, Mary did NOT do a good job of selling lefse.  She calls it "dried paste"...Please note Aunt Rozella's Silver

On my way home from Beaver Dam in May, I stopped at a little downtown diner in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.  As I was leaving, I noticed they also had PASTIES on their old fashioned chalk menu board.  I ordered two of them "to go".  They were HUGE. I took them home, wrapped them in foil, and stuck them in the freezer. 

Mary Mulari says Pasty is pronounced with a soft "a"...think about the PAST.  (as opposed to the hard "a", which makes you think about a part of a stripper costume)

On the day of the lunch, I took the pasties out of the freezer, put them on a tray and covered them with foil…but they didn’t get done as quickly as I’d hoped. Which is why we ate the lunch in “courses” which worked out great.  BECAUSE THERE WAS A LOT OF FOOD.

I was worried about the Pasties...because they looked so different from Mary's...
See what I mean?
THESE pasties were so large, I cut each one into four pieces. 
The pasties were TERRIFIC.  Filled with savory hamburger, and other root vegetables…we tasted potatoes, rutabaga, onions and carrots.  The inside was hot, and the outside was flaky.   They were GREAT…and I’d drive back to Mt. Horeb to buy them again...

Next -- Drumroll, please....IT IS TIME FOR THE SANDWICH LOAF!!


  1. My favorite way to eat cardamom bread is to toast it.

  2. You are looking so healthy! Leslie