Monday, June 26, 2017


We arrived in downtown Chicago, located the Private Bank theater, then looked around for a nearby place where we could eat lunch.  BINGO!!!  Just a half a block away -- the Beef 'n Brandy was the PERFECT SPOT. 
The had an extensive downtown/diner menu with everything from breakfast to Porterhouse steak...(they a special of Blini's with black cherry sauce... I tried to say no to this... )
Two Iowans and a Texan....walk into the room....
We walked to the Private Bank Theater.  Ooh, there’s nothing like summer in the city.
Someone in a rush next to someone lookin' pretty
Excuse me, miss, I know it’s not funny But your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money..
We were so happy to be IN THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS....
P.S. It is just possible that only Laura and Jim will actually appreciate this post...
MMWI:  241.4

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  1. Don't forget Lily!
    We have to wait until February to see it in Seattle!!!