Thursday, June 22, 2017

Frankensewed Hamilton Shirts

Hamilton It was late one night...I was cruising the internet (don't judge me)...and I pushed "BUY" four times for "Hamilton" shirts. My intention was to modify and customize these shirts for Linda and Kim (who were taking me with them to Chicago to SEE HAMILTON).
The first shirt arrived in time for the Hamilton Women luncheon. OF COURSE Lilly got that one!
Because the other shirts did not arrive -- I decided I'd have to Frankensew shirts for my friends. I knew these shirts would be ALL ABOUT THE WORDS. And it is very difficult and time consuming to paint words on fabric.  Paint takes too long to's hard to load enough paint on a brush to make letters without it being splotchy...

I decided ink was a better way to go. I went to the local office supply store and bought a bunch of markers and pens.  I spent almost $30. But, I can afford that because the shirts I'm using only cost 88 cents!!

The first decision was how to stabilize the fabric.  I could tape the shirts onto a board -- or use an embroidery frame.
The second decision was what words I wanted to use...
THAT was easy, because Lin-Manuel Miranda is such a genius -- every song is wonderful! 
I rolled up a towel, and put it in a plastic bag to write on the sleeve.
You can't go wrong with a crisp white Jones of New York shirt.
Kim's shirt had these words ALREADY going down the center back of the shirt.
Of course, I had to tweek it just a little bit.
For the front of the shirt, I cut away the elephant that HAD been there -- and added a panel with nothing but words...Then, of course, I sewed on a new bottom to the front of the shirt..

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