Saturday, June 3, 2017

Good Morning, Kathy!!

Today, we are driving to Pennsylvania. John will be golfing and I'll be spending some time with my friend Kathy...

From a coupla years ago:

One of my oldest friends is Kathy Keefer. We met WAY BACK in 1973, when John and I moved from Washington, D.C. to Pennsylvania. We bought a cape cod house outside of Pine Grove. It had a small acreage, a beautiful little pond, and the best neighbors in the world -- Kathy and Denny Keefer.
This is a picture of Denny and Kathy -- on their porch. We spent countless hours on their porch...visiting, laughing, playing cards. THEY are the reason we have a porch on our house!
I remember -- 40 years ago -- when Denny remodeled this kitchen and hung these cabinets!!
Kathy deserved a great kitchen because she is the BEST COOK I KNOW -- and she is famous for her shoo-fly pies!!
About ten years ago -- Ross got a job in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was a big move across the country, he didn't have very much money, and he didn't know anything about this new city. I suggested he stay with Kathy and Denny while he looked for a place. Their house would be a 45-minute drive to his job. He said, "Mom, I don't know them that well."

But, at the end of the day, he had no place to park his U-Haul, and Kathy he agreed to "stay with them" for a few days while he tried to figure things out. Ross pulled into their driveway, Kathy and Denny welcomed him with open arms -- Ross started his new job, and on the second day, Denny and his boys unpacked Ross's U-Haul (when he was at work) -- and told him to take his time to finding an apartment...
For the next two years, KATHY KEEFER made Ross's birthday cake -- chocolate cake with peanut butter icing...
Ross loved, loved, loved the Keefers. Just like I knew he would.  He felt right at home there -- and he adored the Keefer boys. Kathy took great care of him. Just like I knew she would. During his time in Pennsylvania, he ate every holiday meal with them. Kathy's boys still say she "only really cooks when Ross is coming"
During his next six years in Minnesota, Ross often made Kathy's Shoo fly pie, and I always make Kathy Keefer's coleslaw...
Last week, I was shocked when "Kathy Keefer" made a comment on this blog. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I told Ross -- KATHY KEEFER IS ONLINE...As it turns out, she has a new I-Pad, and is learning how to use it. This blog is one of the first things she stumbled across...and this blog post will be a big surprise.

Welcome to the internet, Kathy!!  You are going to love the recipes that live here. Thanks for finding my blog.  AND THANKS for being a Mom to Ross when he didn't even know he needed one. Mostly -- THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING A WONDERFUL FRIEND TO have NEVER let me down...

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