Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lilly sings Hamilton

I apologize for my crappy video skills. But last week, Lilly was so pleased to be wearing her Hamilton t-shirt...and I really wanted to try to make a video of her singing one of the songs.

Today, I' ll be in Chicago actually seeing the play. For the first time. Oh, yeah, I'm a lucky, lucky girl.....

Unfortunately,  I started  with my camera sideways -- but I figured that out after the first 50 seconds or so.

I'm only going to leave this video up for a couple of days...but I wanted you to see Lilly's level of obsession..


  1. Jim is impressed and doesn't impress easily. But he said he would be really impressed if she knows the Lafayette song including the tempo :-) He loves the King George character - 3 solo numbers and only 9 minutes on stage.

  2. Dear Laura, She LOVES the Lafayette song -- Guns and Ships -- and she does the tempo so fast, every time, people ask her to s.l.o.w it down...and sure enough -- she knows ever word of it.