Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lilly sings Hamilton

I apologize for my crappy video skills. But last week, Lilly was so pleased to be wearing her Hamilton t-shirt...and I really wanted to try to make a video of her singing one of the songs.

Today, I' ll be in Chicago actually seeing the play. For the first time. Oh, yeah, I'm a lucky, lucky girl.....

Unfortunately,  I started  with my camera sideways -- but I figured that out after the first 50 seconds or so.

I know it's a poor video...but I wanted you to see Lilly's level of obsession...she knows about 13 Hamilton songs so far.  Well done, LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA!!


  1. Jim is impressed and doesn't impress easily. But he said he would be really impressed if she knows the Lafayette song including the tempo :-) He loves the King George character - 3 solo numbers and only 9 minutes on stage.

  2. Dear Laura, She LOVES the Lafayette song -- Guns and Ships -- and she does the tempo so fast, every time, people ask her to s.l.o.w it down...and sure enough -- she knows ever word of it.