Friday, August 5, 2016

The Rhythm of Life

Today is my brother's birthday. Which means he'll be coming to my house for a steak dinner.  When I started to write this blog, I went looking for a picture of Cal and Jeanne, and it wasn't hard.  I just checked in the picture files that said "2015 August, 2014 August, etc".

But even though I DO THIS DINNER every year -- apparently, I don't always take a picture...
This is my favorite.  From 2013.
As I was looking for a picture of Cal's b'day every August folder on my computer -- I saw pictures of the same events. And it struck me how much I enjoy the rhythm of life, and the changes and events that naturally occur. Whether you think about it or not -- your days are mostly ordered by the recurring things in your life.  The routine of a job, for sure -- but also, if you're a gardener, there's the planting season and the harvesting season. 

If you're a Cubs fan....or rooting for the Seahawks...well, you get my drift.  
Every August file has a picture of me and my college chum, Becky -- getting together somewhere midway...always in Illinois...always a different little town...always the best time EVER!!  We've been doing this for years.
The last three August folders have fuzzy pictures of the VBS  Lilly attends at the McCausland Methodist Church.  My sister Deena is always involved, there are lots of cousins there...Lilly loves it. Next year, Warren will go...right??
Every August folder has a variation of THIS. YES...the tomatoes are ripe and we eat BLT's every-other-day for two weeks. Until we are SICK OF THEM...soooo delicious...
Every August brings a crop of delicious, fresh CORN ON THE COB.  We pick it and shuck it and immediately cook it...and there simply isn't anything sweeter in the world that a simple ear of sweetcorn, lathered with melting butter!!
I suspect everybody's life is more or less governed by the events they care about. John's family has a big reunion every 4th of July...Mary and Doug always attend the Northern Lights Music Festival in uly....Laura spends August sewing for the State Fair....most quilt shop owners spend October attending Quilt Market....that kind of thing.

But looking at my "August" picture file folders gave me a real perspective on how much I enjoy the rhythm of repeating events in my life.  It is comforting to know the same things will happen this year that happened last year....

And that each month has it's own joys and pleasures to look forward to... 

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  1. I WISH I could spend all of August sewing for the State Fair! However, the fair extended its dates, so now it starts a week EARLIER! Entries are now due the 3rd weekend of August instead of the 4th weekend.