Monday, August 29, 2016

Channel Cat

This summer, Lilly and Warren are seven and three years old. I remember my own boys at this age -- and I know this is a MOMENT in my life. They are so easy to entertain...anything we do remembers like a day in Disney World. When Uncle Ross takes them to the local city park for a 30 minute romp, they talk about it for two days.

They are DELIGHTED with any kind of trip or activity. This is precious time...A blip on the screen of life, really. In the blink of an eye, they will be too old for slides and swings. They'll want to spend time with their friends, embarrassed to be seen with their Grandmother, and wouldn't be caught dead holding my hand...

SO I AM MADE THE MOST of this summer. And I decided long car trips would be a waste of our limited, valuable time. There are so many wonderful places to go, and things to see.

After our visit to the Botanical Center, we went to Lindsay Park in Davenport, Iowa.  Right on the Mississippi River.
We are standing on the Iowa side -- looking over at Illinois. And -- guess what? THERE IS A WATER TAXI...!!
The Channel Cat makes four stops -- two in Iowa and two in Illinois.
My plan was for us to ride the entire route...getting on and then off at the same stop.
And this Captain was a FAST DRIVER!! The speed created a great breeze, and lots of splashes..
The whole ride took about an hour...and we moved positions every time the boat stopped.
Every time the captain opened it up, and the boat would rise up, Warren would look at me and say, "Hold hands, Grandma..."
Oh, yeah. Precious time....

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