Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sleeping Bag Project

Every kid should have their own sleeping bag. You just NEVER KNOW when you might be invited to a slumber party -- or an impromptu overnight at a relative's house.

In July, when the E team was ramping up to go to Pennsylvania to visit John's family, there was a possibility they'd be sleeping on the floor at a cousin's house. No problem!! With the usual dose of Ritaluck -- I found two sleeping bags at the Goodwill store.

After laundering, I personalized each bag...
Warren's sleeping bag was a plain red child's size. I cut these designs out of the Thomas Train sheet (which has been used for SO MANY PROJECTS this last year). I just ironed them on with some Wonder Under. DONE!!
Lilly's was a bigger an adult size, and the camo print was not very girly.  So she picked out a t-shirt, and we ironed it on the front of the bag...
Then, I cut 18"off the top of the bag so it would fit her better. I added the fringe to cover the new raw edge. (tip: sew a basting stitch along the line BEFORE you make the cut. The sleeping bag fabric is too slippery to stay together well.)
Sleeping bags:  $2.38 each.  Warren Train designs: 29 cents, Lilly's t-shirt:  88 cents.  Napping in your new sleeping bag with your brother/sister - PRICELESS!!

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