Friday, August 12, 2016

Mary's Criss Cross Apron

It is always SO MUCH FUN to have Mary visit Iowa. My friends and I often serve as her little focus group -- and it's interesting to see the new sewing-engineering ideas she comes up with.

In January, she was working on several projects (some still top secret)...and we met at a local diner for breakfast...
Mary was explaining her latest apron idea to Ronda and Judy

This is my favorite apron OF ALL TIME.  My Grandma Little always wore a cross-over apron. And because I am too fat to reach around and tie an apron, I LOVE THIS STYLE.

Ronda apparently just realized she won the lottery!!

Mary is being modest about WHAT A GREAT PATTERN SHE CREATED...

She totally worked out the adjustments for ME AND MY SIZE...
There was a big discussion about WHAT TO NAME THE APRON.  These discussions are always so much fun -- and it's interesting how we all take different meanings from the same words...

It's more than just a "no strings" could be the Back Cross Over Apron.

Or, to honor my childhood memories, Mary could name the apron after my Grandma Little, who used her chicken feed sacks to make a hundred of these aprons.  I liked "Pearl's Farmhouse Apron"...or something like that (it sounded better that morning, in the diner...)

At the end of the day, Mary went with the simple, yet descriptive..."Crissross Apron". AND YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT!!

Nancy Zieman blogged about Mary's new apron the other day -- and you will IDENTIFY WITH THE PICTURES...
Click below to buy Mary's Criss Cross Apron

Click here to go to Mary Mulari's website to buy the pattern!!

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